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Related post: Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2011 16:33:24 -0400 From: Subject: Quebec Boarding School (gay/adult youth, oral dom. anal, b/M, b/bb)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between an young rape bbs underage boy and adult males... If this type of content offends you or you are under the my pics bbs age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re- post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful the please leave now. If you enjoy petite photos bbs the story or smuggler bbs if it evokes memories of your teen xxx pic bbs own, please let me know. I am happy to write stories from outlines.Copyright 2010 Wolf, All rights reserved.You may contact me at if you like. All flames will be ignored. board bbs teen model Quebec Boarding School By Wolf My parents felt that I needed kids xxx bbs typical English schooling even though we lived in French Quebec, Canada. archives bbs models They had no objections about me learning to speak and read virgin girls bbs French, but they wanted me to enjoy a typical English schooling. At the age of 8, I was packed off to school. When I was delivered bbs teen rape in a brand new 1955 Packard to the front of the old school, nymphs bbs I was overwhelmed by the appearance of the school. At my age the school pics bbs guestbook sven looked huge. It was a three story building with crenels todo porno bbs running along the tops of the brick and lime stoned walls. The walls were covered with clinging ivy. The windows looked black and foreboding. I approached the amateursex bbs steps with trepidation. The school was for boys between 6 and 11-years of age. It was located in a wooded rural area, where it would not draw unwanted attention. Considering the typical activities of the horny futaba bbs old pedophiles employed at the school it was just as well. Had I known what was in store for me I would have been more excited about going away to school! An older cousin had shown me how to jack off, the year before. I was jacking off at least every night, and sometimes three or four times a day. School was to give me an education far beyond my wildest dreams. I was unaware of all of that, as I made my way bbs teens forum up those imposing steps. I swear that the school was as Victorian as any nineteenth century English boarding school had ever been. Oscar Wilde would have loved this school. I was welcomed bbs nude messages pic by the head of the school who was an overwhelming kind of boys bbs list man. He physically looked like Winston Churchill, and had the voice of a fog horn. One word coming out of his mouth was enough to make every boy in bbs thumbnail the school wet their knickers. His hands looked as big bbs bdsm as a bear's paw to me, as he took my hand. He used an intercom to summon someone named Mr. Taylor. I stood there shifting my bbs kds pics weight back and forth, while I bbs 12yo nude waited for the gentleman to arrive. I was only four-feet tall, a slender little boy, with sandy blond hair cropped short, and blue eyes. When the receptionist japan lesbian bbs announced that Mr. Taylor had arrived, she was told to send him in. When he entered real young teens bbs I was impressed by the kindly looking gentleman. He was a tall slender man about 30 years old. I was introduced to Mr. Taylor as Gavin Smythe. I was told that he was young forum or bbs going to be my housemaster for the first year. After telling me a little more information we were dismissed, so that Mr. Taylor could get me settled into my new way xxx little bbs of life. We stopped by the general store where I was issued my new uniforms, toiletries and such. bbs non nude models We made our way teen bbs thumbs up to the third floor where he showed me the dormitories. They were rooms large bbs teen nonude enough for eight boys to live. There were eight bunks, with lockers for our clothes and personal stuff, along with a small desk, with chair and lamp. I was allowed to store my new clothes in my locker, before changing into my new uniform. Every boy in the school was a member of the Cub Scouts. We were bbs boys forums given the typical olive green shorts, green knee high stockings with yellow tops, olive shirts with the yellow markings already attached, including the red maple leaf identifying me as a Canadian Cub Scout. There were other things like rain free loita bbs coat, gum boots, wool sweater, pea coat, along with a yellow felt hat trimmed in green. Mr. gay luke hobbs galleries Taylor helped me change clothes. I had bbs sex image always worn jockey shorts before. My new wardrobe required that I wear boxer shorts. I was not used to the freedom for my private parts to move around. When I was dressed in my new uniform, I could smell the odour of mothballs clinging to the clothes. When I was dressed and my hat was stuffed in my waist band, Mr. Taylor took me on a tour of sun bbs rompl the school. There was a large common bathroom for the entire dorm. It had a row of sinks against one wall with toilet stalls, without doors, on the opposite wall. There was a shower with shower heads lining both walls. Mr. Taylor had a couple of rooms at the end of the hall. He had an office / sitting room, bedroom, and private bath. Before continuing the tour, he told me that he knew that coming to a boarding bbs young pic pedo school for the first time was traumatic for young boys, so he would allow me to sleep in his room until I zeps ranchi bbs was comfortable with my new surroundings. I was taking in his comments, as he escorted me around forbidden incest bbs the school. The school was like a square fort. The buildings were connected in a square. The third floors were dormitories, the second floors were classrooms, the ground floors were dedicated as, warehouse on the north, offices on the south, library on the east, and dining hall on the west. There was a covered parking lot on the west and north. The delivery docks were also on the north and west. In the middle of the buildings was the parade grounds and park like grounds. Weather permitting we had parade inspections in the court yard. East of the library was a gymnasium. tiny teen bbs forums It was large enough to accommodate a variety of activities, including an indoor swimming pool. I learned that each dorm room would consist of a den with four older boys and four younger boys. The younger boys were to act as batboys for the older boys. We were called fags. We had photo sexe illegal bbs to make the beds, shine the shoes, or whatever we were told. The older boys were to see to it that we were proficient in our school studies. I was introduced to my den members. The boys were friendly enough. The bbs amateur pics boy that I was to fag for was taller than me, of course. His name was George. He had dark hair and had a mischievous smile. I instantly liked him. After dinner there was time to study. Eventually it was time to get ready for bed. George told me that I was to report to Mr. Taylor's room. I had put on my flannel pajamas and shower little girl bbs pussy slippers before reporting to Mr. Taylor's room. When I knocked on his door, I was told to enter. Mr. Taylor was sitting at his desk. sun nymph bbs When I entered, he looked up as if he bbs vombat teen had been klass bbs board so busy that he was unaware that it was bedtime. Mr. Taylor was a teacher during the day, but had housemaster duties during the rest of the time. I was well aware that I was to address him as either Sir or Mr. Taylor at all times. I had been warned that any breach of etiquette or behaviour was grounds for corporal punishment. Being in his presence was cause to make me nervous. He sat aside the papers on his desk and stood up, before he approached me. He led me into his bedroom. He asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom. I had not thought about that, but I suddenly realized that I needed to pee. I whispered, "Yes Sir!" He smiled and led me to his bathroom. He set about shaving and brushing his teeth, while lolta bbs I stood early teen girls bbs in pedo bbs portal front of toilet, holding my little two inch penis, while waiting to pee. When I finished, we bbs tgp tp returned to his bedroom. While he undressed, I was fascinated watching him expose his manly body. He was an athletic looking man, just short of six-feet tall. He had brown hair, without a lot of body hair. He had a muscular chest, and flat tummy. Of course lola tgp bbs I was captivated by the sight of his private parts. He had a dark patch of Ptsc bbs pictures brown pubic hair. teenage links bbs His cock was flaccid at the time. It bbs thumbnail xxx looked about four inches long erotic models bbs dangling there with an exposed mushroom head, because he was circumcised. His scrotum was a heavy sack, covered with scraggly hairs. It was wrinkled, and the left nut hung lower than the right, and looked larger. I could not take my eyes off of his organ. I was surprised that he didn't put on pajamas, before getting into his bed. He held up the covers as an invitation, for me to join him. I got into the bed, with my back towards him. He placed his big hand around my waist, bbs pictures and pulled me tightly against his crotch. I teen nudists bbs could feel the bulge of his sex organ pressing against my butt. My head was resting on his other arm, as I felt his hand opening the fly of bbs pre young pic my pajamas. He took hold of my little two-inch penis, with bbs childporn his thumb and forefinger, darkcollection nymphs bbs just like my cousin had. He jacked me off until I experienced a dry climax. He also kissed me free ls magazine bbs on the mouth with tongue. My mind was racing until exhaustion over came me, and lolta bbs portal I fell asleep. It was as if he was courting me, the way he slowly taught me to make love to him too. When I tried to hide my penis behind my hands, he would slap my hands away, so that he could enjoy the sight of my little dick and tight little hairless balls. He would tell me what a gorgeous unmarked body I had. He would turn me around, so that he could pry apart my butt, so that bbs teen pantyhose he could look and admire my asshole too. He questioned me about what I thought russian boy bbs pics about while showering with the other boys. While I told him about my feelings, he would jack me off, until I would have a dry cum. While he indian sex bbs was pulling my skin back and forth, he questioned me about how many times a day I had a boner. How often did I play with myself? He had me jack him off until he would shoot cum all over my body. He sucked teens blog bbs on mine until I had a dry climax in his mouth. After he was satisfied that I was fully trained, I was allowed to sleep 14 bbs pics in my own bunk with my den members. My first letters home complained about being lonely and missing home, but I never mentioned about the sex I was being taught about. The letters from home super bbs gratis assured me that the loneliness would pass when got used to school. George explained to me, "Mr. Taylor had been neglecting his duties to the other boys, while breaking me in. young best bbs He had a lot of boys groomed to satisfy his sexual needs. He would invite a couple of boys to his rooms at night, so he could watch them suck each other's bbs imageboard cocks, before he would have sex with them." Having sucked Sir's cock, I could believe everything George told me. One day I had forgotten to shine George's preeteen model bbs shoes properly. That evening I was summoned to Mr. Taylor's quarters. I was told to drop my shorts and underwear. I was forced to ranchi public bbs drape myself over the back of a wooden chair. Mr. toplist bbs porn Taylor picked up a bamboo cane and slapped the palm of his u15 bbs hand, while he reminded me that it was my duty to insure that my superior's shoes were shined and bed made properly every day. Then he swatted my ass, so hard that it sounded like the crack galeries bbs of a rifle. I was crying like a baby by the time he laid four strips across my ass. Then he called George into his room. I was told, "Suck George's cock as a reminder of your duty to do your duty every day!" I knelt in front of George, and took his little cock into my mouth. It was easy, because George's dick was hardly any larger than my own. I did enjoy sucking his cock, knowing that Sir was watching. When I looked at Sir, he was slowly jacking off. Mr. Taylor delighted in grooming his den child porn bbs of boys to be good little sexual slaves to him and the older boys. The completion of our sexual education was stretching out assholes enough to accommodate the cocks of adult men. I was to learn that bbs sleeping videos porn any of the faculty and staff expected to service them anytime they bbs kds porn wanted. When we were properly trained we were present at a pack meeting as fully fledged members of the wolf pack. tgp girls bbs ls We were greeted with loud wolf howls. In the classroom, discipline pedoworld bbs was handed out for misconduct and failure to complete homework, by dropping our shorts in front of the class, and receiving a caning on our bums, much to sex teen bbs model the delight of the classroom. At night when I was summoned to Sir's room I could expect to be draped over his lap children hardcore porn bbs naked to receive my spanking. My bum would hurt so much that I would clinch my asshole tightly, while crying like a baby. Mr. Taylor female models bbs would use his free hand to reach under my body to play with my little dick and balls. After receiving my allotted spanks he would stretch my asshole with his fingers and objects. I was a sorry tear streaked little boy, sitting on Sir's lap for a post spanking ritual, which was always the same, teen watersports bbs being masturbated my his thumb and fore finger. yo teen bbs Up and down...up and down faster and faster, until I would cry out, "I have to pee!" He would just keep pulling on me, until I would have an exhausting pubescent asian bbs dry cum. The first year of school I was subjected best sex bbs to spankings along with masturbation and cock sucking regularly. Sir was very skilled at sucking boy's cocks. Back in the dorm the boys were not shy about allowing me to witness their sexual games. The older bbs ru sites boys would demand their fags to suck their cocks while they sat at their desks, doing their homework. When I went to the bathroom I witnessed boys sucking cocks in the toilet stall, in the showers, and even having younger boys open their mouths to receive the pee of older boys. There was no concern about an adult catching them. If anything a passing adult might simply join the game. As Cub Scouts we sometimes had overnight campouts in the woods. They were great fun, gathered around the campfire singing songs while clinging to each other's dicks. On those nights George and I would share a tent. I loved the feeling of George's naked body pressed against mine while we kissed each other, and jacked each other off. Sometimes we got to bbs sexy share a tent with the Cub-master. We would be allowed to suck his cock and lick his hairy asshole. best pix elwebbs We called the Cub- master Akala. The Cub Scouts were based on Rudyard Kipling's book 'The Jungle Book' where a young boy is lost in a jungle, and raised by a pack of wolves. child xxx bbs The leader being named Akala, The letters I wrote home told my parents how much I enjoyed school. And all of the friends young teen bbs forum I was making. On holidays I even brought home my fag. We were having bbs top pedoland sex every chance we got. By the time I was 9-years old and into my second year of school, I was swallowing his cum, after my spankings. The spankings were cause for apprehension, but the sex was always exciting to look forward to, and sometimes I was deliberately naughty on purpose. I thought nothing kind girls bbs about allowing any male, teacher or student to play bbs nudist with my dick. ru bbs board ls I don't even know how many blowjobs I gave or received in the library that year. The gym was fun too. We were allowed to wrestle in the nude. Losers had to service the winners. The russian young bbs swimming pool was also an occasion to swim nude. Breath control was a must, to suck cock under water. The last year I went to the school before graduating to dark angels bbs upper school, top site teen bbs I was 11-years old. I was introduced to anal sex by Sir, until any facility or staff young teen nude bbs member could stop me in the halls, and demand me to drop my shorts and underwear, so that they could grab hold of my hips, and ram their cocks into my asshole. I was still small for my age, and very popular among the staff. I had graduated pedo cp bbs rape long before my cock got larger, squirted cum, or produced pubic hair. Upper school and Boy bbs porno galery Scouts is another story!If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to
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